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Froutino company was founded in 1970 by Malogiannis Dimitrios and has engaged in the production of sweets ever since with great success. The main ingredient of its success is the long experience and desire for perfection of its founder, as well as its continuous and successful effort towards improvement and growth.

Main goals of the company is the achievement of high quality and good flavor of its sweets without the use of artificial preservatives , as well as the consistency in services provided and the effort to create new original recipes.

There is a perfectly structured and flexible production unit of great capability, that gives emphasis on the careful selection of all the raw materials used in the production of sweets which are submitted to daily quality control. Further more, the product packaging meets all the necessary standards for keeping them unalterable and fresh until the expire date.

Froutino company has a great selection of hand made products which sprang from the sweet that goes by the same name, an original recipe that was loved and therefore expanded in other kind of sweets: TSARLESTON, TURKISH DELIGHT, COCONUTS, commercial BAKLAVA AND KATAIFI, CHOCOLATES AND JELLIES wrapped or unwrapped in different designs.  The sweets are offered in bulk as well as in great variety of packs in order to cover different needs.

The value for money quality of Froutino products as well as the long presence in this field, have earned the trust of the domestic market and the demand from European and US markets. Client service and shipment of merchandise is performed directly from the production unit. As a result of that all our clients have the opportunity of direct contact and consistency with our ensured personal interest.

For any information or clarification please contact as. We will be glad to help you and deliver samples of our products.

Client service manager: Malogiannis Nasos