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Our Story

A familly tradition

since 1970

We are a family owned Greek company in the south suburbs of Athens and we have been producing Traditional Confectionery since 1970.

The history of FROUTINO SWEETS started when Mr. Dimitrios Maloyiannis  created, back then, an original sweet made of loukoum and crunchy waffles, in order to treat his clients, friends and family.  This treat soon became very popular for its great taste, quality and originality and travelled around Greece and the United States. Under the brand name FROUTINO, Mr. & Mrs. Maloyianni started their successful business story, with the commitment to always put quality first, as a way of showing respect to clients and consumers. Ever since, our products have gained consumer’s trust throughout the years and they are well known for their great taste.

Having an expertise of more than 50 years, FROUTINO SWEETS covers a variety of handmade quality products including :  delicious BAKLAVA, KANTAIFI, SARAIGLI, tasty LOUKOUMS (with waffle and without), fluffy COCONUT sweet with cherry top, CHARLESTON soft rose candy, FRUIT JELLIES and a variety of CHOCOLATE  SWEETS, such as our delicious CROQUANT, MINI CHOCO COCONUT, SARAIGLI & KANTAIFI covered with dark chocolate e.t.c.

The majority of our products are air-tightly packed per piece which facilitates transport and keeps harmful substances away.

If you are interested for more information about our confectionery products, please feel free to send us your request. We will be happy to hearing from you and answering your questions. Contact info:

TEL: 0030 210 9821779  &  EMAIL:

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Thank you!